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Willa Pod Jedlicą - Pensjonat Ciechocinek, noclegi
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Pokoje Ciechocinek Noclegi Ciechocinek

  The Salt Cave

,,Pod Jedlica”

Broniewskiego str. 23

phone – 54 / 283-50-07


Short description

The Salt Cave is the newest, orginal method of usage the sea salt from the various seas

( Dead, Red and Black Sea).

This specific type of salt is used to create unique sea microclimate which favorably influed on health and good feeling, it makes people relaxed and calm.

The seans takes 45 minutes which is equal as 3 days at the seaside.

After few seanses your body feels much better especially when you have problems with nose, throath, asthma or lungs.

It's also very good for various skin problem, stomac problems or for your nervs

and all body condition!

To use this amazing methood of relax and healing

come every day between 10 am and 7 pm.

Seanses starts at full hour.

Last seans of the 6 pm.

Contradicated : hypertoyroidsm, allergy to iodine.

Willa pod Jedlicą
ul. Broniewskiego 23
87-720 Ciechocinek

tel. 54 28350 07
gsm:. 609 850 456

Projekt: - pokoje gościnne i kwatery prywatne do wynajęcia, tanie noclegi, kawiarnia, uzdrowisko - Ciechocinek